Spring Cove Photographed

Spring Cove is a stunning development In Manly. I went there today to photograph Julians design. Not one straight line. Rolling native gardens, natural rocky outcrops, plain concrete, sandy granite, and beautiful homes using natural materials. This is how Shearwater Landing should have been designed in Sydney South!!!!!. Julians use of natural form, and native plantings is beautiful and appropriate. With view out over the harbour out could not ask for more. I could imagine this would be an easy garden to maintain. I really like the use of pleached plantings in gardens. Especially with natives such as westringia. You get so many more years out of the plant. Its also creates a stunning statement.

Julian’s planting layering works well with the purple Pennisetum drawing the eye. Julian also adds some tough exotics such as Draco, cloud pruned buxus and magnolias.

Take a look at the photos. Very impressive. Brandon..

Pool taking shape!!

very structural pool design and installation in Earlwood. Planting will make this project!!! SITEDESIGN working closely with Innovative architects. We will bring in some decent sizes plants to soften the edges and highlight the view out to the east over Sydney and the airport beyond.