Nautilus Winner of Two HIA Awards!

Congratulations to Innovative Architects, Sammut Developments, EB Interiors, Steve and Kylie and everyone else involved in this one of a kind project. 

Sitedesign was extremely fortunate to be a part of this project and we owe its success to the cohesion of the 'Nautilus' team. Over the weekend 'Nautilus' won two awards from the HIA Australian Housing Awards. These included; HIA-CSR Home of the year and HIA Custom Built Home of the year.  

Thanks again to everyone involved on this project. This is an amazing achievement but no where near as amazing as the final product of 'Nautilus' itself. 

Divine Stonemasonry

Here at Sitedesign South we are extremely fortunate to surround ourselves with passionate local team of trades, without whom we could never see our plans to come to fruition. Just recently we have completed and photographed the 'Allouche Garden' in Caringbah South and it brought us to the realisation that this landscape would never have looked as impressive without the help of the skilled stonemasons from Divine Stonemasonry

Divine Stonemasonry have worked on many of our high end projects all around the Sutherland Shire and have always had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients. Beautiful craftsmanship, dedication and passion for their art-form is what sets them apart when taking a glance at any of their completed works. Their continual push to create unique aesthetics with sandstone and the alike adds to the character of their work and will ensure that they remain a close friend of Sitedesigns for a long time to come. 

Thank you for the photos of the 'Allouche Garden' Divine Stonemasonryand well done again for making this landscape a work of art. 

If anyone is interested in their range of works check out their website, Facebook and instagram pages. And for more photos of the stunning 'Allouche Garden' it has just gone live on our website!

The Key to Success

It is no secret that Sitedesign is extremely proud of being a part of the collaborative effort for the Nautilus Home in Burraneer. The client, Sammut Developments, Innovative Architects, EB Interiors and Sitedesign have been working tirelessly for five years to complete this mammoth project and it has paid off by the overwhelming success in the HIA and Master Builders Awards. 

We can't stress enough how this is a rare and unique project to be a part of. However, if we pause to think for a moment as to why this project was such a resounding success, the result is one major component; an enthusiastic client.

 The client for this job was incredibly supportive, honest and appreciative of the hard work, which every team contributed to this design. Head designer Brandon Wallis, was given the creative freedom to design and test ideas with the client without a strict brief, thus resulting in this award-winning design. Landscapes are forever changing, growing and adapting  and in our job it is important to understand the fundamentals of soft and hard landscaping and how they can relate and harmonise with each other to create a distinctive design that endures the test of time. 

It was truly gratifying to have such an understanding and trusting client and this combined with an extremely talented collaborative team are the key elements contributing to the success of Nautilus. Thank you once again to Sammut Developments, Innovative Architects, EB Interiors and our client for making this journey thoroughly enjoyable and ensuring that Nautilus will transcend time with its individuality and beauty.   


Taking Care of Business

Gardens need continual maitenance to keep evolving and growing. This job in Burraneer is no exception. Luckily enough for the client, our talented Sitedesign Care team was there to help replant, revive and prune this beautiful garden ready for a party this weekend.    

As a garden keeps evolving its important to remember that continual maintenance is needed to keep it looking pristine. Sitedesign offers a whole range of packages from landscape architectural design to landscape construction and care. If you are interested in creating an outdoor place to live in and enjoy check out our website for more.