Beachside Makeover

What to do when you are commissioned to design and build a landscape in one of the most exposed sites in the Sutherland Shire. This would be close to one of the most windy (both north and south), sun exposed, salt exposed, people exposed sites we have ever been involved in. Designing these landscapes always helps when you have an understanding client, and great architecture to work with......thanks to Cameron Jones and the Innovative Architects team. The objective as always is to maintain the simplicity and not to over design. Even more important is to understand the potentials and the constraints of the site, or the genius loci. Landscape architects are trained to read and understand the existing site characteristics and take this into consideration in the design process. This job, design and built by Brandon Wallis of Sitedesign +Studios southern office is a reflection of that. Streamlined, fictional, aesthetic and long lasting.