Some iconic international projects throughout the career’s of Julian Brady & Brandon Wallis

Julian Brady and Brandon Wallis throughout there professional careers have designed projects throughout the world, including Spain, UAE, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, Malaysia and Singapore. For 6 years Julian was the General Manager and lead landscape architect for Patio.  During his time he met Brandon the original founder of Sitedesign and together with the patio team collaborated on the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort and Spa project located in the Canary Islands Spain  The landscape design scope included the landscape masterplan, concept design and construction drawings for Sheraton’s flagship resort in Spain.  This was a highly complex project which required a unique approach to landscape design in a harsh drought climatic region in the Canary Islands of Spain.  The result was a innovative and contemporary design solution showcasing the Canary Islands flora and local materials. 

The Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort

The Sheraton Spa

In Asia Julian led the landscape masterplan and patio design team for the Fullerton Bay Hotel, Collier Quay waterfront, One Fullerton, and public domain project in Singapore. This is a prominent waterfront area of Singapore and was a highly successful project for the client and the Singapore community.  Julian was involved in the project from the masterplan through to government approval, construction documentation and site inspections during the construction. Today the site is a tourist hot spot and enjoyed by the community every day as a landmark destination.  

The Fullerton Bay Hotel - Rooftop Outdoor Pool

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Julian led the patio team as lead landscape architect on the Al Barari Project which is a 83 hectares in area and located on a  site that was once sand dunes.  The Landscape Masterplan and detailed concepts included, 3 hotels, a luxury villa estate, onsite nursery and six themed parklands  portraying ‘Gardens of the World’.  The development is nearing completion and highlights how design and technology can turn a site from sand dunes to an oasis in the desert.  

Albarari Landscape Masterplan


Sitedesign Studios owned and led by Brandon Wallis and Julian Brady focus there skills and experience to create places to live in and enjoy.