Yowie Bay Progress

With the combined talents of our Construction and Care team (and a few posers from our design team), Sitedesign has swiftly been completing a complex heritage project in the heart of Yowie Bay. 

The excitement of being a part of this unique project is also challenged by the parameters required to design a landscape to benefit a heritage home. Brandon Wallis from our Sitedesign South team completed the design for this beautiful sandstone heritage home  mid 2015. It is overwhelming to see his design brought to life by our gifted Construction and Care teams. 

We'd like to thank everyone from Sitedesign who has been a part of this project as they have been working tirelessly through the extremes of Sydney's recent weather to make sure it is completed on time.  

Although this is still a work in progress, we could not be happier to see how well this native and culturally sensitive design is beginning to take shape.