Apartments are a Breeze for Sitedesign

With the combined efforts of the Sitedesign Studios South team and the Sitedesign Care South team we are ecstatic to say that the Breeze apartments in Cronulla are finally finished! 

Its been a long process from the landscape architectural design to the implementation of these apartments but we couldn't be happier over the final result. The overall concept for Breeze wasformed from a collaborative effort between Sammut Developments, Innovative Architecture and Sitedesign Studios. The Breeze apartments aren't only luxurious but have added to the surrounding streetscape and community with the addition of extra street trees and restaurants on the Ground Level.

We'd like to thank everyone that was a part of this project and its development and we can't wait to grab more photos of this as the gardens develop and flourish over time. For the meantime we'd also like to thank Sammut Developments for the recent photos of the completed product!