Comply Development 'CDC'

Comply Development or CDC is a newer initiative from the NSW Government that allows for more streamlined and quicker approval IF the proposed works comply with the strict standards.  There are no allowances for variation or argument as in a DA set.  The standards are generally the same per application but vary depending on block size.  Some council zones and areas will not satisfy the CDC requirements due to the fact these areas require a more detailed analysis by council.  Such as waterfront developments.

SD+S can complete the following

  • initial planning and analysis of the works/site to determine if it satisfies the requirements and is eligible for CDC application
  • all plans detailed and showing information required by the particular certifier
  • Basix certificate if required
  • Paperwork

SD+S can do the plans only or we can prepare plans and organise all other consultants that may be required (engineers, Sydney Water etc)

The approval process these days is very difficult and required much skill and attention to detail.  It is important to plan properly and ensure that the development will suffice the regulations.

below is a typical pool CDC plan