what is SD Community?

SITEDESIGN Community is a new initiative from the SD team to bring together affiliated consultants and construction specialists including surveyors, engineers, stone masons, carpenters, builders, horticulturists, landscapers, pool builders, arborists and so on.  These members are connected to the Studios teams in each area.  

The idea is to work together in each area under a more streamlined and regulated system from the initial survey through to ongoing care of the landscape.

Our current Studio areas include:

  • Sydney South - Sutherland Shire, Kogarah, Rockdale, Hurstville
  • South Coast - Helensburg to Berry/Nowra
  • Sydney East - Eastern Suburbs of Sydney
  • Sydney North -  Mosman to Palm Beach
  • Central Coast -  Sydney NW to Shelley Beach Central Coast

SITEDESIGN Community would include highly talented and passionate members in all fields who are interested in running their own business but be better connected to other like minded specialists in the landscape/building industry.

Each member would be chosen through a tender system and be linked to a Studio area. 

The benefits to the industry, our members  and our clientele would include:

  • our clientele can be confident that our members are fully insured, licensed and the best in their fields
  • our members work under a streamlined system of understanding and shared knowledge.  Members understand  that they are not competing with other members, rather they enhance the skill level of other members
  • the industry is improved by further knowledge, communication and skill sets between various trades and professionals in all areas from running a small business through to site skills and client communications
  • members can reduce their own marketing costs and time associated with constantly updating online marketing such as Facebook, instagram and even their own website.  Instead they can spend more time on jobs and quoting.
  • SITEDESIGN Community can market on a wider scale
  • having a better knowledge and working relationship between members means that the jobs run more smoothly and our clients can be more confident in our abilities to complete the jobs professionally and skillfully
  • SITEDESIGN Community embraces continual improvement in the industry.  

SITEDESIGN Community members are business who

  • want to improve their skills and understanding in the industry working closely with other professionals
  • are small business who want to be part of a great whole and still run under their own brand
  • don't have he time to constantly update online marketing and website content
  • who want to be given ongoing work that is designed and built by other highly skilled and professional members
  • who want to market their business to a far wider client spectrum

if you are interested un being part of our SITEDESIGN Community please email us at info@sdstudios.com.au