Services for Landscape Industry Professionals

SITEDESIGN offers services to the landscape industry including drafting services. Our partnership with VECTORWORKS has been highly effective in us growing our company.

Now we can bring this service to to help grow your own business.

We now offer our colleagues in the landscape industry the same service.

  • Landscape architect looking to have a more informal arrangement than staff in your office.

  • or a Landscaper looking for someone to draft up your designs

  • or even a pool builder looking for someone to draw up pool designs.

The first project at no cost to see if it works for you!

What we offer

Plans and Development Application Drawings

3D Imagery and Rendering


3D Walkthroughs


What industry professionals are saying


“Vectorworks is by far the best software for the landscape industry. I have been using this software for over 15 years now. The planting plans you can generate are incredibly time saving. The resource browser lets you create stunning drawings.”

“Amendments are really simple. We have spent years training staff in the most efficient ways to run the software for the landscape industry. Without our offshore staff we would not have been able to grow our studios and associated construction businesses”.

Brandon Wallis SITEDESIGN Director


'“There is just too much time spent now on setting up, drawing and amendments. This takes me away from the critical time spent designing and with our clients. I have my own staff member that I work with day in and day out”

Julian Brady SITEDESIGN Director and North Sydney Studio Owner

“ The growth of my studio has been directly due to the professional and skilled staff we have offshore. They are reliable, quick and highly skilled. I have my own staff members that I stay in direct contact with all day every day. Their Vectorworks skills are great. They draw to my specifications and this is a real cost saver for a smaller design Studio”

Johnny Derwent SITEDESIGN Director and South Sydney Studio Owner


The cost of running staff is massive. Not only the actual wages, but all the associated costs of an office and taxes that are making it harder and harder in our industry to employ.

To grow our company, we developed the office offshore and set up a staff training program that creates a highly effective system. Our staff are Vectorworks savvy and work in a beautiful modern office environment which promotes efficiency, enjoyment as well as accountability.

To compete in today’s market you have to unfortunately cut costs. You don’t need to cut quality

Call Brandon for a chat about the benefits of having your own staff member in our office. Which far out weigh having staff here. Our staff are qualified landscape architects. Our office is fully managed and legal. We respect the local cultures and religions. We have many landscape architects wanting to work with us.

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