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SITEDESIGN + STUDIOS are a group of registered landscape architects, licensed contractors and qualified horticulturists . We design, build and maintain landscapes across all sectors from residential to large scale public domain developments. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and our directors have designed and built gardens all over the world and many more in Australia. We are based in Sydney with studios on the Central Coast and South Coast of NSW. We complete commissions all over Australia for every type of landscape project.

Sydney // Studio South:

Lead Designer - Brandon Wallis


M: 0404 093 523

3/156 The Boulevarde
Caringbah NSW 2229

Sydney // Studio North:

Lead Designer - Julian Brady


E: 0417 685 846

PO BOX 265
Seaforth NSW 2092

Sydney // Studio East:

Lead Designer - Glen Connell


M: 0415 315 738

PO BOX 576
Double Bay NSW 1360

South Coast Studio

Lead Designer -Johnny Derwent


M: 0417 342 440

PO BOX 418

Thirroul NSW 2515

Central Coast Studio:

Lead Designer - Pete Saunders


M: 0439 596 222

PO BOX 312

Terrigal NSW 2260

For any further enquiries call us on

1300 22 44 55

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