Waterfront Design

We work closely with Innovative Architects and have been for many years.  Having a good working relationship with the architect is important in new homes such as this.  Obviously they have a vision for the site and it is our job to ensure we run with this.  Especially when the the new house is a modern masterpiece like this.  Also like many of our jobs this was a waterfront which presents many challenges.  Wind, salt and harsh sunlight can effect the growing of the garden and really effect it over time.  Like we always say ' a garden is not a snapshot when you complete the install'  it is not like the house which is.  A garden will grown and change over time.  You need to think five years to some type of maturity.  Need to think about how plants will grow and mature and if one will outgrow the other.  This is even more important in these types of harsh conditions where the wind and salt can really effect a lot of plants…

We also love our clients to be actively involved in the garden.  Whether it is only the plant choices we think it is important to have some level of involvement by our clients so that they bond with their landscape.  We think it is very important to have a stunning final product ( that is environmentally sensitive), but also important to have a great experience creating the house/landscape.  That is what is is all about for us.

Landscape works budget $200, 000