This would have to be one of the most high profile and highly visual residences in Cronulla.  Sitting on top of a point overlooking the stunning Windy Point.  The site had 180 degree views a stone throw from the water.  The site though was heavily exposed to the south and north winds and salt which is definitely a challenge and something that needs to be taken into consideration when designing, especially the planting palette.  We always try and simplify spaces.  Don't over think or over design.. Keep the palette of materials and plants simple and i find that gardens will age better and be lighter on maintenance over time.  This is very important in a site like this…. at the end of the day this was a simple landscape drawing lines from the new house out into the gardens.

The result was this highly engaging landscape. The garden is now over 7 years old and looks beautiful to this day.

Landscape works budget $150, 000