Residential Landscape Design

This job was another one of our 'challenging waterfronts'. We seem to have a lot of them and over time we have definitely worked out the best way to go about these.  We always think that a gardens life starts at the end of the install.  This especially critical with waterfronts with challenges such asaccess, wind, salt, poor soils, large trees and budget.  If not designed properly the budget can be blown in no time at all…  We are also very environmentally aware.  We enjoy working alongside council to ensure that the landscapes we are producing embrace the natural settings that is within.  This makes extra sense when it is far more cost effective to utilise the existing character of the site better.  Work with the levels, maintain and protect the trees, use native plants, use sandstone and reuse excavated materials on site.  It is sometimes about changing the clients expectation sometimes.  It is not always about a lush flat lawn.  There is so much beauty in the australian landscape. The unique colour and form which should be identified and embraced in a well designed landscape.

This garden embraced this theory and that is why it was successful and did not run over budget.  It is also a garden that will not cost the earth to maintain over time, Literally.

Landscape works budget $200, 000