Our block of 640 square metres is probably considered medium to smallish in our area. So with 3 active kids and a desire to entertain, it was important for us to fit a lot into this back yard without feeling hemmed in. After working with Brandon for years I knew it was important to get him involved.

In the back, we needed to have a yard that suited ours, and our childrens lifestyle. The grass patch is big enough for our friends and family games of footy, soccer or cricket, while the adults could either take part or relax in one of the many entertaining areas.

The pool was a major factor when it came to initial design. I wanted something close to the house where we could see the kids swimming from our kitchen and living room. We rarely have the time sit and watch the kids outside, so this was paramount. Brandon suggested the raised deck and low garden wall, which are key features, and not only aesthetic features but if you ask the kids and their friends, they like nothing more than to dive / launch themselves into the pool off both of these..

The positioning of the pool also works very well, as it creates our utility area behind, where pool equipment, pool filter and shed is located, all the things you don't want to see. It also attracts maximum amount of sun on this side of the property, keeping it warmer longer.

Our kids have begged us for a large trampoline but i always had issues moving our small one and mowing the grass underneath. Hence the planting area which gives the trampoline a designated place and is aesthetically pleasing with no long or shaded grass under it.

Planting - Low maintenance, Privacy and Lush, were the 3 things that came to mind initially.  The first key element "low maintenance" we achieved with plant selection and positioning. Maturity and time is important to achieving our second and third element, and I can't wait to see our garden in another 2-3 years.

I really wanted to get a fire pit involved in our new home, although there probably wasn't enough room to install a fixed fire place. So we opted for a portable cast iron bowl, which was used in 3 different areas in the yard.

With the front, aesthetics along with functionality were the key. The design of the driveway was easy but getting the shape of the garden wasn't. Brandon was instrumental in this design and his expertise really gave our house a unique and impressive street appeal. The 2 large palms really reduce the scale of the building and the foliage colour created in the planting theme keeps the garden interesting all year around.

Brandon, thanks for all your help.